Giclee & Poster Printing

Poster Prints
      We can print large format prints in house up to 24 inches wide. The poster prints are a non proofed print and are printed on photographic matte paper. We do not color match post prints, but we get as close as possible to a correct tone. The price of poster prints are $10 a square foot.

Giclee Printing
      Each giclee print is produced with great care to provide our customers with the highest quality print possible. In order for us to give you the best possible print, there are several steps involved in the process. We start with the initial consult, where we dicuss needs, ideas, paper choices and sizing. The next step is proofing, where we give you two test proofs of your image at a reduced size. If for any reason you are not happy with the proofs, we can make additional proofs at a minimal fee. At this point, once the print has been approved, we save the settings for you so any additional print will have the exact same color and tonal qualities. In order to ensure the highest quality fine art print, we need to take time and communicate with you, the artist. We hope that you appreciate our attention to detail.

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