Monadnock Imaging

Since 2007, Monadnock Imaging has been caring about your images; helping you take them, print them, and preserve them.

We buy, sell, and trade new and used camera equipment and gear. We stock Sony, Nikon, Canon, Sigma, and more, as well as an ever changing inventory of used equipment. Stop by the store to see what we have, or check our used equipment listings to see some of what has come in. Of course, we are always happy to make an offer on your used gear, both current equipment and collectables.

We print photographs and offer other artwork onto photographic papers (in a real wet-lab our Agfa D-lab 2), and onto a variety of other fine-art papers and surfaces with our Epson 9900. Whether you want to print all your photos from your last trip, or want to print one masterpiece to display, we can help with that. Come by to see what we can do to help make the most of your images, and remember – just because you took it with your phone, doesn’t mean it has to stay there!

We reproduce artwork for professionals and amateurs alike. We offer high quality scanning services and artwork photography, as well as professional printing services. Talk to us about printing just a few or an entire series.

We provide digital conversion services that allow our customers to enjoy and protect their most cherished memories. We scan and digitize old negatives, slides, prints, VHS tapes, 8mm, 16mm and more and give them back to you ready to share with friends and family, duplicate, make prints from, and preserve for the next generation. Bring us those old boxes out of the attic and we’ll give you your memories. Share them with friends, give copies to your children, or just put a copy in the safe deposit box and know that they are safe.

We’ve been caring about the Monadnock regions images since 2007 and we look forward to caring for your images as well.